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Decocting Black Ginseng in its Entirety

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Black ginseng is a black colored ginseng which is made by steaming and drying Korean ginseng 9 times for a long time with the devotion. Red ginseng has better saponin than fresh ginseng, and black ginseng has much saponin than red ginseng. It is a technology of DANURIM to make black ginseng containing good saponin without burning or loss of essence. Black ginseng of DANURIM is created after the devotion for one month and everyone can enjoy original bitter and sweet taste of black ginseng without adding any artificial additives. Decocting Black Ginseng in its Entirety: It is made of domestic high quality 5-year fresh ginseng steamed and dried 9 times making thick black ginseng extract, and you can take it by adding water to it only. We do not add any additives except black ginseng (no coloring, no congener, and no preservative). You can taste original taste and flavor of black ginseng. It is a product made through special technology of DANURIM. Put whole black ginseng root into 500~600ml container (thermos, heat-resistant glass bottle, etc.). Then you just fill it with hot water. Essence will be extracted in 6 hours. Adult can take 50ml once a day on an empty stomach. You can drink it instead of tea, or you can make black ginseng wine adding alcohol to it.   Danurim’s black ginseng prevents the problems of losing nutrients through essence that occur during nine-time process. Danurim successfully invented noncombustible black ginseng through its proprietary manufacturing techniques.