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Water Decocting Red Ginseng (pack)

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  • MaterialRed Ginseng

[DANURIM Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Water Decocting Red Ginseng (pack) red ginseng can be decocted easily and conveniently by water without separate extractor as a new type. Red ginseng root 70% +red ginseng 30%, separate packing. Recommended as a gift or bulk purchases as light.

It was born with Danurim’s independent technology. Open one pack of red ginseng, pour in cup or cattle and add hot water.-You may drink as tea or concentrated extract along decocting time. Equivalent extract to 2 packs of general red ginseng extract. The method of black ginseng water decocting is same as that of red ginseng, and in case of black ginseng, it is faster than red ginseng.

Credibility - Raw materials able to see with your own eyes. Believe it. Efficiency- You may drink as tea or a medicinal method along decocting time. Practicality- As packing separately as packs it is lighter than existing black ginseng products, easy to carry when purchasing in bulk. Technology- Danurim’s independent technology can decoct active components in red ginseng and black ginseng in a short time. A cup of water decocting concentrated red ginseng! Whenever, wherever, easy to drink. See materials with your eyes. Available to extract without separate extractor. Extracts with full of red ginseng’s taste and scent. Concentration adjustable to suit the tastes of the individual. Drink as a medicinal method and tea ceremony. Prevention of Saponin loss damaged during  high temperature manufacturing process. How to drink more concentrated water decocting red ginseng. Pour 150ml of water at 85~90℃ and dip 1 tea bag /1 pack. a medicinal method(essence) : Drink 1-1h 30 minutes later. Tea: Available to drink 5 minutes later. Drink as water after taking essence. It is recommended for.

  • Easily exhausted examinee.
  • Tired workers. Before or after exercising.
  • Growing children.  


Before or after drinking alcohol. People who used to drink red ginseng extract. For those who enjoy the tea ceremony. Due to its soft texture, children and foreigners can enjoy and drink willingly.