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Water Decocting Black Ginseng

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Water Decocting Black Ginseng (No Pigment, No Congener, No Preservative)

Danurim’s water decocting black ginseng is a product that can be decocted quickly by pouring water without need of separate extractor, and the product lets you enjoy black ginseng’s special taste and scent as well as its effects. Danurim’s “water decocting black ginseng” delivers the great value of black ginseng to you. Black ginseng refers to a black-colored ginseng that is steamed and tried nine times. Black ginseng has more active Saponins than red ginseng, red ginseng has more of them than fresh ginseng, and that is because ginseng generates new bioactive components during the steaming and drying process becoming black ginseng. At the first wet decatizing, fresh ginseng becomes red ginseng, and while it is processed consecutively, it changes its ingredients. Ginsenoside is the combination of ginseng and glucoside, meaning Saponin that only comes from ginseng. All black ginsengs are not real black ginseng. Unburned black ginseng. Black ginseng with no loss of essences. There are rightly made black ginseng. Danurim makes difference.Wrongly manufactured black ginseng has features as below: Shiny on the outside (Essence loss effect). Cross-section tissue is not dense. Great black ginseng has rough skin and fine luster. Cross section tissue (cut side) is dense and moist (black ginseng essence condensation, stimulating the salivary glands). Roots of well-made black ginseng are pounded into the body and rootlets as below.

This pounded black ginseng is processed for the second time by water without separate extractor and it is decocted in a short time without any loss of special components black ginseng. This patented processing method is a special technology of Danurim. Patent application for water decocting black ginseng manufacturing. Black ginseng (Body part). Rootlets part. Decocting is better than boiling. Since ginseng is hot-shortness, decocting is better for not damaging idiopathic components of black ginseng than boiling. Danurim’s water decocting black ginseng can be decocted easily and conveniently by water without separate extraction wherever and whenever, and idiopathic components of black ginseng make you enjoy special taste and scent as well as effects of black ginseng. Marvelous black ginseng, decocted in cold water. Do it yourself for your family. It is made easy to drink and to prevent the loss of nutrients that are destroyed at high temperature extraction. Danurim eagerly prepared for special people. Features of water decocting black ginseng. Danurim’s black ginseng prevents the problems of losing nutrients through essence that occur during nine-time process. Danurim successfully invented noncombustible black ginseng through its proprietary manufacturing techniques. Features of Danurim water decocting black ginseng - You can see and believe raw materials. No need of separate extractor. You can decoct easily, without restriction of time and place. You may drink as medical method and tea ceremony by adjusting concentration. It is decocted very well in warm or cold water. No loss of Saponin that is damaged during high temperature manufacturing process.

How to decoct black ginseng. Way to decocting for medicine.

  • Put 3 ~ 4g black ginseng in the enclosed glass teapot and pour 100 to 180cc of boiling water (half a cup or so).
  • Black ginseng ratio - 3(black ginseng root):1(rootlets).
  • Drink extraction after 1-3 hours. (Pour water after the primary extraction and it is available as family-style drink).

Way to decoct for tea.

  • Pour 180cc of boiling water on black ginseng 3g~5g. Black ginseng ratio - 2(black ginseng root):1(rootlets).
  • Pour the first glass of extracted water into the bottle.
  • Drink after 1-3 minutes. Keep supplementing boiling water (up to 10th time).
  • Pour water again after tea ceremony. Pour one pack of black ginseng in a cup or a thermos bottle and add hot water.
  • As it can be decocted many times, it can be drunk instead of water after the first extraction (200ml) as a medicinal method.
  • Available for tea ceremony after 3 minutes.
  • Available for a medicinal method after 2 hours. Slightly bitter. Sour. Soft sweetness. And a little bit of bitter taste.

Be mesmerized by charm of black ginseng that is different every time. Danurim uses select 100% Korean(from Geumsan) 5-year old ginseng. Persistence of Danurim CEO that sticks with selection of materials shows that Danurim keeps its conscience and belief. Thorough sanitation management. With well recognized technology that combined traditional methods and modern technology the value of black ginseng is maximized.